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Brand new comedy writing by a brand new comedy writer... Namely Paul Wimsett.


Welcome to my blog.

My name is Paul Wimsett. Here is my story.

I have always wanted to be a writer and so it seems likely that one day I would be published. About ten years ago however things changed. Having this teacher obsessed with trying to push me forwards, in fact pushed me back.

Now, however, I'm back. I have several things in the pipeline.

Raymond & Julia
Eebyguminator (Unfinished)

And you can download 'Unfathomable', a maths-like version of 1066 and All That of 40 pages where you can learn why it is stupid to use chessboards to obtain large amounts of rice and which numbers are imaginary, and the imaginary wars: buy now
And you can download Raymond & Julia. It costs 85p per chapter with 15 chapters in all. (Just count yourself lucky I'm not Leo Tolstoy)
Act the First: buy now.
Act the Second: buy now
Act the Third: buy now


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